Seniors Turning To Social Media

seniors turning to social media

Surveys are showing, more and more, that the older generations are connecting with family and friends, joining communities and expressing themselves on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. No doubt, seniors not too long ago were resistant to the whole idea of “computers.” Today, more seniors have realized that:

  • Jockeying a computer (smartphone or tablet) does not take a special genius, just learning and a little practice. 
  • Using a modern device is very easy (e.g., touchscreen-driven navigation)
  • Social sites are where friends and family are today

seniors and social media

Some of the attractions of Social Media for Seniors

Distance Disappear:

Seniors had found that on social media sites, particularly Facebook, families who are physically separated can gather around the table virtually to share news, photos and thoughts. Social media has boosted the use even of cell phones for photos and message instead of spoken conversations and created a time-and-distance-defying way to stay close to children and grandchildren.

It’s Visual:

Grandparents in particular can simply go to Facebook, YouTube or other outlets to see photos and videos of and by family members.

Safety Reasons:

For elders living on their own, having regular check in via social media from family members adds a very convenient security measure to long distance relationships.


It’s not all about family and friends. Seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes, are increasingly taking advantage of deals offered by companies on social media sites and on websites such as Group-on.

seniors and social media vernon homes

Communities for Belonging and Sharing Interests:

Particularly for those living alone at home, more elders are finding that they can easily belong to any number of online communities to share experiences, opinions, interests — and stay engaged. Such communities, whether found on Facebook, blogs, or other types of websites, provide opportunities for friendship, congregations and contributions — without leaving the house.


What They Say

“ We had our name in at other places and had driven by Meetinghouse Village many times before we came to see it. We loved it immediately. Everyone was pleasant and kind. We moved in right away. People in our building are nice to be with and check on each other to make sure we're OK. We are happy to be here. ”

What They Say

“ Some six years ago I searched for a retirement apartment that was comfortable, safe and provided everything needed for independent living at a price that a person of modest means could afford. I found Meetinghouse Village not only met my basic requirements, but also provided for spiritual needs. I have felt no pressure to be anything but what I am. By living here, I feel I have grown and become a better person. I have become more tolerant and have a greater appreciation of God. ”

What They Say

“ I have lived at Meetinghouse Village for nearly 10 years - almost three years with my husband and seven years alone, since he passed away. It's a very pleasant and affordable place with no worries about maintenance and costly repairs. There's a lot to do: social events, game nights, movies, gardening, etc. if you wish to participate. We also have a hair salon, exercise rooms, woodworking shop, laundry room and mail room, all under our roof. I have quiet, friendly neighbors, and I feel happy and safe living here. I couldn't find a better place to live on my income. ”

What They Say

“ I enjoy living here because I feel safe and comfortable in an atmosphere of friendship and spiritual understanding. ”

What They Say

“ There are lots of reasons why I like living at Meetinghouse Village. It's close to parks, beaches, historical towns and cultural opportunities. The apartments are well appointed and comfortable, have decks and ample storage spaces. I like the fact that the staff arranges activities, and we residents are free to use the community spaces for gatherings of our own making. If we have guests, the guest apartment is a tremendous asset, and the fees are minimal. And if any of us have concerns, we can go to the executive director -- he listens. ”